People who see me for shiatsu are people who want to perform at their best

  • People who are not well and want to manage better.

People who are managing long terms conditions such as M.E., neurological conditions or chronic joint conditions.  Treatments are generally gentle and supportive, increasing self confidence and helping a person to understand the range of movement they are confident with and where they are strong.

  • People who put themselves under stress and want to continue to perform

This group includes people who are successful in stressful work and people who aim to excel in sport or employment.  Treatments tend to be more rigorous involving more stretching, while still being restful and helping to build a person's resilience to the demands the person puts on themselves.

In both cases the aim is to help rest to be a regenerative process and to help a person to understand better the limits and needs of their own mind and body.

I have run my own Shiatsu Clinic since qualifying with the Brisish School of Shiatsu-do in 2003.