Geoff Hogan - Shiatsu Therapist - Chi Kung Teacher

Geoff Hogan - Shiatsu Therapist - Chi Kung Teacher



Photo by Margot Peters

I spent two years researching to find the right school to study Shiatsu.

I chose the British School of Shiatsu-do for the structured clinical teaching, its integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western medical models and its rigour in training practitioners to pay attention to their own posture in order to deliver the best results. 

I have continued to act as an assistant to the teachers in the school and so learned many individual techniques beyond what is normally taught.

Since 2005 I have studied to teach Chi Kung with the College of Elemental Chi Kung,  Medical Chi Kung with The Institute of Contemporary Chi Kung and continue my studies with the teacher Ole Eskilden.

In 2009 I studied with the School of Thai Yoga Massage and integrate some aspects of the routines into my shiatsu work.

In my other work I have been a counsellor and family therapist, a senior manager in social services, and now work with young people as they make the transition into adulthood.